Blogging Principles: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Noticed and Paid Writing Online


Learn How to Start a Profitable Writing Side Hustle

More specifically, you will learn:

  • Which platforms pay for your writing.
  • How to choose high-quality topics the audience is interested in.
  • How to develop a writing style your audience gets addicted to.
  • What is the unique psychology of writing.
  • How to operate the three mental shifts to become a highly productive writer.
  • What are the advantages and pitfalls of writing online so you avoid the traps most writers fall into.
  • How to use the four dimensions of a story to create high-quality articles.
  • How to distinguish great writing from bad writing and what sets them apart.
  • How to write titles people click on.
  • What are the secret storytelling techniques the top 1% of writers use.
  • What visual rules help you maximize reach and readership.
  • How to choose the perfect picture that compels people to click on the article.
  • The seven principles of top-performing content used by the best content creators around the world.
  • How to find over +1000 article ideas to never run out of things to write.
  • How to effortlessly get into flow to write as best as humanly possible.
  • How Medium's algorithm works so you know how to maximize exposure and readership.
  • How to get into the Medium partner program.
  • How to best deal with comments.
  • Who are the best writers to follow and learn from.
  • What are the free tools I use to research, write, and publish a great number of high-quality articles.
  • How to get started to succeed as soon as possible.
  • The secret to being a part of the 0.1% of online writers.
  • One last chapter I cannot even tell you about.

And much, much more.

Writing online is easier than you think

No need for experience, connection, or even good English.

All you need is a laptop and write the right things in the right way...

This is exactly what Blogging Principles is about.

It's the complete method to earn money and build an audience writing online.


I started my journey writing on in the hopes of driving traffic to my blog.

One day, I earned $0.04.


If I had earned some money, I could certainly multiply that!

Shortly after, I earned $12.

Then $70.

Wow! I could buy something with the money I had earned online!

That felt good.

Too good.

So I paid more attention.

I read Medium every day and carefully studied the best writers.

  • What topics did they write about?
  • Which pictures did they use?
  • How did they write their headlines?

I read a bunch of books and tested hundreds of writing topics.

In the following months, I earned $300. Then I earned over $1000.

My efforts paid off.

My audience grew and so did my readership.

I went viral once.

Then I went viral a second time. Then a third time.

Then I went viral in an entire country (long story...).

When I lost my job in January 2023, I was earning enough that I didn't need to look for another one.

When I passed the $20k revenue mark, I decided to write this book to explain how anyone can build an audience and start writing online.

What is Blogging Principles?

Blogging Principles is the sum of everything I know about writing content that earns you money because people read it.

It's built on top of:

  • The +100 books I have read and summarized.
  • The +280 articles I have written on Medium.
  • The +270 articles I have written on my blog.
  • My experience writing my way to a million views.

Why this book and not another one?

This is a fair question.

  1. I've read all of the "online writing books" and wrote Blogging Principles on top of them. It's one book, but it contains the knowledge of +20 other books.
  2. I became a top writer pretty quickly. It didn't take long before I earned at least $1k/month once I did Medium seriously.
  3. I don't have any niche. Niche writers don't know what I know because their experience is restricted to their niche. The principles you will learn in Blogging Principles are universal as they helped me go viral several times with a wide range of topics.

The comments don't lie.

What this book is not.

A quick-fix make-millions-in-three-days-from-your-couch book.

If you got the idea to write online yesterday, don't buy this book. The desire will likely fade out and you will have wasted money.

But if writing online has been in your mind for a long time now, this book was made specifically for you.

What value do you get?

You get the most valuable content writing book on the Internet.

This book is a condensed package of:

  • Dozens of marketing, copywriting, and online writing books I have read to learn how to write online.
  • Three years of experience writing +280 articles on Medium.
  • Three years of experience writing +270 articles on my blog.
  • +1 million views.

Value: €300.

I want this!

You will also receive plenty of bonuses.

Bonus #1: Virality Checklist. Value: €30

The Virality Checklist helps you ensure that you have maximized the viral potential of your article by centralizing all of the tiny details that make your audience go crazy over your writing.

Bonus #2: Idea Generator. Value: €40

The Idea Generator is a detailed and practical step-by-step plan teaching you how to find an unlimited number of ideas fast.

Using the seven content principles and two other reliable methods, it walks you through the same processes that I use to find high-quality topics my audience wants to read about.

Bonus #3: Article Outline Blueprint: €40

The Article Outline Blueprint is the method I use to structure my article in a clear and concise way so my audience doesn't get confused.

You will also find a detailed series of proven structures you can use to write your article as clearly as possible.

Bonus #4: Medium Pub Database: €20

The Medium Pub Database is a searchable database with popular, up-to-date, and high-quality Medium publications to write for.

This is the perfect document you need to find the right publication for your articles no matter your topic and no matter your level.

It took me days to find them and assemble them all!

TOTAL: €300
............+ €30
............+ €40
............+ €40
............+ €20
............= €430
-97% €15!

For €15, you get the complete method that helped me earn over $20,000 writing on as a non-native anonymous inexperienced blogger.

I want this!

What if you don't want/can't write on Medium?

The principles you will learn equally apply to Simily, Newsbreak, Vocal Media, Steemit, or Hubpages. They also apply for video or podcast production.

Once you can create content people are interested in, the delivery form matters little.

What if you realize writing isn't for you and that you will never use the content of the book?

Gumroad has a 30-day guarantee refund policy that enables you to get all of your money back, no questions asked.

I want this product to be as low-risk as possible for you.

What if you're super busy and don't have time to write?

You won't need to spend more than 2-4 hours a week at the beginning.

I started writing next to my full-time job and I never lacked time to write.

Now I spend 10 hours/week on Medium and the rest on other projects.

I make money either way because all of the articles I have already written keep on making money, like tiny money trees.

What if you don't know if you will enjoy writing or not?

The only way to know is to try.

Trying Medium by yourself means you'll spend the first year figuring out what to write, how to write, and where to find an audience.

Not gonna lie, it's not the funniest part of the job.

With this book, you get that down to 1-4 months and skip the headaches!

Have you ever wanted to write online but never knew how to start?

I've met dozens of people confessing to me that their dream was to become a writer...but they never did because they didn't know where to start.

Don't be one of them.

This guide is your unique chance to go from zero to hero in 120 pages.

It's a unique chance to finally get started writing online...and find an audience!

I want this!
I want this!

30-day money back guarantee.

No fine print.

We'll refund you within 30 days of your purchase if you desire so, no question asked.

Send an email to with "Refund Blogging Principles" as a subject.

Make sure you let us know the email address you bought the product with too.

Last updated Jul 14, 2023

You'll get the complete method to write and earn money online.

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Blogging Principles: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Noticed and Paid Writing Online

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