NoFap Tracker: Stop Failing Your NoFap


The Nofap Tracker was designed to help you identify which period of the nofap (initial excitement, flatline, god mode) you stand in.

It's completely free to download (just write "0" in the price field.)

Let's Be Real For a Minute

Out of the hundreds of people that read my nofap article each day, roughly 25 of them click on the "nofap tracker" link.

Out of these 25, only THREE actually download the tracker.

Out of these THREE, I imagine that ONE or ZERO actually use it.

And this, my good friend, is why most people are failures.

Listen, the choice belongs to you.

I could have charged €15 for this but I didn't because it pains me to see young men waste their potential.

It pains me to see society go to hell because of what porn does to men's brains.

I have already given you all of the knowledge you needed.

Action is all that is left for you to take.

I can't do that for you. I can't take action for you.

So which man are you going to be today?

The courageous one that does the work?

Or the failure that keeps on procrastinating?

How It Works

Fill in each indicator each day, and the sheet automatically generates graphs that over time, show you the evolution of your well-being.

This way, you know when you enter the flatline, and when you get out of it.

It's important to track the nofap for an optimal experience.

If you don't track it, you won't be able to understand it and you will relapse - guaranteed.

This sheet will drastically help you finish the nofap to the 90-day recommended period.

Watch the video below to see how this works, or read the instructions below.


  1. Get the sheet.
  2. Do NOT request to edit the document
  3. Sign into your Google account if you have not done so yet (blue button in the top right corner).
  4. Click on "file" (first item of the menu, top left)
  5. Click on "make a copy"
  6. Go to the copy of the document you have made

See you on the other side!

I want this!

You'll get a Google sheet that will help you track your nofap experience so you know exactly in which period of nofap you stand.

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NoFap Tracker: Stop Failing Your NoFap

I want this!