Bullseye Framework: Track Your Sales and Marketing Channels


What's the Bullseye Framework?

The Bullseye Framework is a marketing and growth framework developed in the book Traction.

  • There are 19 marketing channels you can use to grow your startup.
  • At any moment in time, one channel will drive most of your growth at your stage.
  • You find the best channel by doing small tests.
  • Once you found the right channel, you should invest everything you have got into it until it dies out.
  • Then find a new channel.

Why Use the Bullseye Framework?

To succeed.

You can't improve the things you don't track.

Using the framework helps you measure which works best, and switch channels when you need to.

What Are the 19 Channels?

  • Viral marketing: encouraging your users to get other users to sign up.
  • PR: appearing in newspapers, TV, traditional media.
  • Unconventional PR: Richard Branson in his balloon, celebrity marketing, etc.
  • SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Social and display ads: ads on social media
  • Offline ads (TV, radio, billboards, newspaper, flyers, etc)
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • Content marketing (blogs)
  • Email marketing
  • Engineering as marketing: fixing problems for yourself, then selling/giving out for free that solution to other people that have the same problem.
  • Targeting blogs: writing content in blogs where your potential customers hang out.
  • Business development: partnering with other companies.
  • Sales
  • Affiliate programs
  • Using existing platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, IG, YT, the Apple App store, etc
  • Trade shows
  • Offline events: small meetups, large conferences, webinars, festivals, etc
  • Speaking engagement: speaking at conferences
  • Community building: building communities around your product and services.

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Bullseye Framework: Track Your Sales and Marketing Channels

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